Angel Tree 2022

Smiles are on the way!


With Christmas this week, we’ve almost wrapped up another season of Angel Tree with Chester County Prison. This year, 26 families—totaling 55 children—will be blessed with Christmas presents from their incarcerated moms. We also raised $1800 in donations to cover the cost of giving each caregiver of those kids a $50 Walmart gift card AND providing extra funds for families as needed.

It’s been a challenging year, with several situations highlighting the chaos many of these children live in daily. Angel Tree gives us just a glimpse into their normal lives. Please pray with us that likewise, we are giving them a glimpse of the love, peace and hope that God desires for them and their families. Our biggest prayer is that they feel SEEN and LOVED by God; that they know they are not alone in their present circumstances.

THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible! We want to especially thank the sponsors from Trinity AOG and Providence churches for stepping out of their comfort zones, giving of their precious time and personal resources to bless these children with gifts. Also, thank you to the many individuals who gave to bless the grandparents, aunts and single parents caring for these precious children with gift cards. We are especially grateful knowing what a financially challenging time this is for everyone. Thank you to Chaplain Rhonda for coordinating the sponsors at Trinity and for going where the rest of us cannot right now, inside Chester County Prison. Finally, thank you to New Mornings volunteers, Dottie Borchardt and Dawn Grieco, for your part in making this year a success. We are the Body of Christ, and we do amazing things when we work together!