Church Unity. Partnership. Transformation.
Why Quiet Revolution?

Because in the quiet, final moments of prayer (John 17) before His arrest and crucifixion Jesus urged his diverse group of disciples to live out their unity in a revolutionary way.  He prayed that from the inside and out the message flowing from their lifestyle would disrupt the self-centered ways of the world and demonstrate the spiritual transformation He had begun.  Although the completion of His mission will dramatically redeem and transform every sphere of creation from its captivity to sin, in the meantime people's lives are continuing to be quietly being transformed each day by the good news and good works of those who follow Jesus Christ.  Organized into congregations throughout neighborhoods, nations, or cities, these families of believers flourish as they faithfully pursue their unique part.  Yet LTM believes there is much more we can creatively accomplish as we mobilize to function from our Oneness as the Body of Christ.  That’s the vision of a quiet revolution!

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