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   Pastors and Christian leaders regularly meet because of the recognition that we need each other as valuable parts of the Body of Christ in this region. We have been called to the challenge of a relationship with one another and we recognize that only together will we each accomplish more towards the mission we've been called to by Christ. As Christian leaders in the Coatesville area we also recognize that we are the spiritual gatekeepers of our city and that together we are responsible for protecting our city from the destructive schemes of the devil. We believe that God expects Christian leaders to set the spiritual and moral bar for community and that the choices we make will ultimately affect the Church and community at large. We come together to:
Pray for the revival of our city and region
Support and encourage each other
To visibly demonstrate a commitment to biblical reconciliation across racial and denominational lines
 Meeting each Thursday, 8am at the Double D Diner in Coatesville (1323 E. Lincoln Hwy)
Pastors Monthly Prayer Meetings

   Once a month pastors gather together to pray for the Coatesville area and for one another. The Prayer Covenant set forth below expresses the spirit and commitment of this group. For information about upcoming dates, times and locations call 610-384-0997 or send an email to

The following is the Greater Coatesville Area Shepherds Prayer Covenant:

One of the key foundations for Shepherds to work together is a passion for relationships.  One of the ways to express this is by praying together.

Therefore we, the undersigned, Shepherds within the Coatesville Area Body of Christ, purpose in our hearts to strive to heed the call to relationship building, prayer, reconciliation and oneness (as expressed in Ephesians 4:1-6) by these actions:

  1. We consciously covenant to regularly meet together that we might build trust, learn from our diversity, and cover one another inthe spirit of prayer, reconciliation and partnership.

  2. We covenant to be passionate in prayer for the salvation and sanctification of the Greater Coatesville Area AND to pray regularly for one another, both individually and for each others’ churches and ministries, including when we come together as a group. In addition, we covenant to bring the prayer requests of other Pastors and Churches to our own church prayer meetings.

  3. We covenant to offer accountability relationships with one another, guarding and guiding one another in ministry integrity as set forth in this Prayer Covenant.

  4. We covenant to learn to minister in the Greater Coatesville Area in union with each other, committing our gifts, talents, and resources to the Coatesville Area Church in order to equip the Body of Christ and to advance the work of the Kingdom in our city and county.

  5. We covenant, both individually and corporately, topursue moral purity because of the command to “be holy, as I am holy.” Furthermore, we agree to approach a fallen peer promptly and in love according to the Biblical principles stated in Galatians 6:1-2. We desire to see any shepherds who may fall to be restored by God’s grace.

  6. As fellow shepherds and brothers and sisters in Christ praying for one another and in relationship with each other, we covenant that we will not tolerate the unethical practice of “sheep stealing” and recycling of disgruntled members.  Instead we will confer with one another in order to deal with such matters appropriately.  We agree that these sorts of matters will be handled in a spirit of love and with Biblical reconciliation and blessing in mind for all persons and churches.

  7. As shepherds in this region, we covenant to spiritually guard the Greater Coatesville Area by praying together.  We also understand that to spiritually protect the Greater Coatesville Area in prayer may require the following actions of us:  1) to collectively address schisms, disputes, gossip, unkind criticisms or defamation of character within our midst and in the community; 2) to lovingly confront all gossip as sin by informing the gossiper that “I will not entertain any gossip about any Pastor or Church in ourarea and that pastors in the area will also be informed of your gossiping”; and 3) to follow the Lord Jesus’ directive in Matthew 18:15-20 in relating to our peers whose reputation in the community brings disrepute and disrespect to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  8. As we pray together for the Greater Coatesville Area, we believe that God will lead us to discern together His vision and direction for the complete protection, blessing and empowerment of every aspect of our community.  This will be a call to action and Godly transformation.  Faith without works is dead.  We covenant in word and deed to be obedient to what God calls us to do!

As Shepherds ofthis Greater Coatesville Area, we together (see names below) covenant in commitment to the articles above herein stated. We trust that Christ, the chief Shepherd, will use our commitment to love one another as herein stated to display His glory and bring revival and Godly revitalization to our community.

As Shepherds ofthis Greater Coatesville Area, we together (see names below) covenant in commitment to the articles above herein stated.  We affirm our faith in Jesus Christ as the only Savior and Lord (John 1:14; 14:6; Romans 10:9-10; Philippians 2:6-11; 1 John 4:2) and trust that He, the chief Shepherd, will use our commitment to love one another as herein stated to display His glory and bring revival and Godly revitalization to our community.
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