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Quiet Revolutions
About Us
    • Mission, Vision & Core        Values
    • Board and Staff
What We're Doing
    • Prayer Gatherings
    • WINGS GED Tutoring
    • Volunteer Income Tax
    • New Mornings Reentry
    • Peacemaker Center

Advocates for:

bulletprayer, evangelism and justice
bulletracial reconciliation
bulletfunctional unity of the Body of Christ
bulletChristian community revitalization
LTM is a growing, friendship-based collaboration of area Pastors and Christian leaders who believe that the Church is God's unique transforming agency in the world. We are continually asking, "what can Christian or churches do better together that we have been doing separately?" Our desire is to complete, not compete, so we are not in competition with any local church or para church organization. It is our desire to serve every group in the area who believes with us that no solitary Christian, Church, denomination, mission agency or other organization can hope to complete the task of community revival and revitalization. We seek to network the area Body of Christ so that strengths are shared, weaknesses minimized and equality in Christ exalted. We believe that the time is right for a new paradigm of doing church.
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance College in Coatesville New Mornings
For more information on any ministry or project of Life Transforming Ministries, please contact us by way of the following:
Life Transforming Ministries
643 E. Lincoln Highway
P.O. Box 29
Coatesville, PA 19320 Phone: 610.384.5393
Fax: 610.384.0748

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