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God Stories 6
God Stories 5
God Stories 4
Resurrection of Coatesville
God Stories 4: From Berks, Chester, Dauphin, Delaware, Lancaster and Lebanon Counties. Be part of a growing movement throughout our nation and world in which the Body of Christ as a whole is becoming the answer to Jesus' prayer that we may be one (John 17). As the Church links hearts, gifts and faith to see our cities and regions changed by God, communities are being transformed one life at a time. God Stories 4 will assist readers to meet God in fresh and personal ways, worship in harmony, and pray in unison for south central Pennsylvania. From this will come many new God Stories as testimonies of our Lord's faithfulness and power to transform lives and communities. It is to this end that the networks in our region that have cooperated to publish GS4 are dedicated.
Resurrection of Coatesville: "Just as Nehemiah gave every tribe a part of the Jerusalem wall to rebuild, God is calling both urban and suburban churches together to rebuild the peace and prosperity of Coatesville. Learn why and how your church can be a part of the revival."
God Stories 3
Boycott Disunity
God Stories 3: From Berks, Chester, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, and York Counties.
Boycott Disunity: "The decline of the Biblical worldview in our country continues to escalate. But, instead of pointing to the forces of secularism, it's time the American church confesses that its own choices and traditions are the mainstay of the problem. Our passion for disunity reveals how accomodated to worldliness we really are. Consider some of the real "forces" that keep congregations from serving together thereby eclipsing God's transforming power in our communities."
God Stories 2
God Stories 2: From Berks, Chester, Lancaster and Lebanon counties.